As human beings, we communicate in a dynamic audios-visual manner. Flawless graphic design and engaging video content is key to driving your message to your audience. 

We love to communicate ideas that inspire and captivate consumers, and our visual designs play a major role in making this happen. We develop a complete corporate image, logos, and branding which is a critical component for any company. We are communication designers that love to create and at the same time to convey a clear message to our target audience.

Client: Boost Media Management

Banners designed for, a project based on a multimedia platform with Social network and an online television channel.

Banners created for the live shows online television channel of Striking and youthful designs in different colors and themes.

Graphic Design T-shirts for


Client: Corpus Christi Church Miami

Logo curation, website design and graphics for the Catholic Church “Corpus Christi” located in Miami, USA.

Graphic design, banners, logo, business cards, flyers.